Wind Horse ~ A film by Adam Worth

Filmed in April 2017

Tara Coyote was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer in September 2016. She is successfully healing herself through natural methods with her beloved horses by her side. Award winning filmmaker Adam Worth created this 2 minute film at Wind Horse Sanctuary, capturing the beauty of the land and Tara’s journey of healing breast cancer naturally. Catch a slice of her life here as she navigates her heroine's journey. 

Empowered Choice

Filmed in September 2016

Whatever decision you make regarding your health situation, know you have a right to make your own informed choice. Empowerment comes from being clear about what is in alignment with your body, mind & spirit! Tara Coyote was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer in September 2016 and is now advocating for her own personal empowered choice, and for those of others!

Caregiver Advice

January 16, 2018

On this journey of healing a Stage 3 Breast Cancer diagnosis naturally, Syris Metara has been an incredible support system for Tara! In this 13 minute video she interviews him about his experience of being a caregiver. Watch to hear his wisdom about how cancer can be a transformational experience as a couple and how he navigates the challenges. 

Grief Ritual with Horses - Tara in New Zealand

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