If I want to be well, I’ve got to take charge of my own body and decide what I want for treatments. I know my body better than anyone else on the planet.
— Sandi Rog

Recommended Books/videos on healing cancer naturally

From the moment I was diagnosed, I began compiling a list of books and videos ranging from informational to inspiration to guide both myself and others along the journey of healing cancer naturally. Too many people are being diagnosed with cancer in today's modern world and it can be overwhelming so I'm sharing the resources that I found to be the most useful. I believe in healing cancer via a whole-istic perspective of mind/body/spirit and above all, listening to our own intuition to heal and guide us. 

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Tara's Top 6 book Picks

books on Healing Cancer naturally

Self-Help Books To Guide You on Your Journey

Books to promote General Health

Books on the Healing Power of Bees

films and documentaries

Crazy Sexy Cancer
Starring Rodney Yee, Kris Carr
Healing Cancer From Inside Out
Starring Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Brian Clemont, Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Thomas Lodi, Dr. Matt Lederman
Heal Documentary: Change Your Mind. Change Your Body. Change Your Life.
Starring Deepak Chopra MD, Dr. Michael Beckwith, Marianne Williamson, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton PhD

Videos by Dr. Lorraine Day

  • Diseases Don’t Just Happen
  • Curing Cancer 
  • Drugs Never Cure Disease 



"The Truth About CancerDocu-series