My essential healing tools

From the moment I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I have been on a full-time routine of healing my body’s immune system. Rather than focusing on healing cancer, the objective is on balancing the imbalances that created the illness in the first place. The daily use of each of the below items has been an essential part of my healing routine.

sunlighten™ Infrared Sauna

Utilizing an infrared sauna has been an integral part of my daily healing routine.  Infrared saunas are one of the most effective means by which to detoxify the body, rejuvenate its cellular system, and promote a vibrant, disease-free life.  Infrared heat is much more effective than a traditional sauna at drawing out toxins and expelling them from the body.  For those navigating cancer, infrared sauna treatments are exceptionally important to the healing process.  I highly recommend the Sunlighten™ Infrared Sauna - great company and helpful resource!

*If you decide to purchase a Sunlighten Sauna please tell them that Tara sent you!


Another highly effective healing modality that has been a part of my daily routine is the BioMat.  A BioMat uses negative ion technology, the healing power of amethyst, and far-infrared rays in order to reduce inflammation, increases blood alkalinity, balances the energy chakras, eases chronic pain, removes toxins, reduce stress hormone levels, and purify the blood.


Another addition to my healing regiment is an AmpCoil.

AmpCoil combines the right technology to cleanse the body and support nutrition and organ systems on a cellular level. It's a modern wellness tool, combining a powerful PEMF delivery system and a biofeedback app, called BetterGuide.

I have had powerful detoxification experiences with this tech, which allows me to know that it is working to cleanse my body!  I use this tool to specifically focus on an autoimmune thyroid condition ... with amazing results!

*If you decide to purchase an AmpCoil please tell them that Tara sent you! 

Other Recommendations

Dr. V - Breast Cancer Conqueror

Within a week after being diagnosed I was grateful to read Doctor V’s book "Heal Breast Cancer Naturally".  What a gift it was to know that I had many choices to heal myself through alternative means! Dr. V has a great program specifically designed to help women heal naturally from breast cancer, complete with guidance on testing, supplements and knowledgeable nurses. Soon after diagnosis, I immediately started working with one of her wonderful coaches. Dr. V is an amazing woman in every way and I highly recommend all she has to offer!

Chris Wark - Square One Coaching program

If you are newly diagnosed with cancer or have cancer and have not checked out Chris Wark’s Square One Coaching program, I encourage you to. I wish this had been available when I was first diagnosed! It is packed full of information about how to manage healing cancer naturally ranging from topics such as diet, supplements, dealing with family, friends and doctors, tests, mind-set, faith and is a comprehensive, uplifting offering.  His website is also a wonderful site full of information and resources about how he and others healed cancer naturally.

ty bollinger - The Truth About Cancer

Ty Bollinger has created a comprehensive website full of information, stories and videos of people who have healed themselves naturally from cancer.  His book, "The Truth About Cancer" and the The Truth about Cancer: A Global Quest" docu-series are must-have resources for everyone, regardless if you have cancer or not.  His 9-part video series is highly educational about the cancer industry in the United States. He tells it like it is!

Cancer Tutor

Another great online resource for healing cancer naturally is Cancer Tutor.  They offer natural cancer treatment and prevention information, including natural cancer treatment protocols and natural supplements.  There are a leading voice in natural cancer treatment and prevention, working with doctors, researchers, and clinics around the world to bring awareness about all natural inexpensive yet effective cancer treatments.

dawn higgins andrews - Rise up for Healing

Dawn Higgins Andrews is a dear friend of mine on a parallel healing journey. She has quite the incredible story to tell of healing Stage 4 Breast Cancer naturally! I’m inspired by her generous and inspired spirit and all she gives through her ‘Rise Up for Healing’ website and Facebook page. I encourage you to check out her beautiful turquoise bracelets! For every one bracelet purchased, one will go to a patient going through cancer treatment.  Whether you are facing cancer and looking for ways to support your body’s ability to heal or just interested in living a healthier life, Rise Up For Healing has resources and inspiration for you. &

Kundalini Yoga - Life Force Academy


Kundalini Yoga has been a powerful healing tool for me in the last four years. This practice has been incredibly transformational for me through the death of two of my closest friends and my own healing journey. I do believe having a positive mental outlook is a very important part of the healing cancer and Kundalini Yoga helps me navigate the fears that can arise.  Jai Dev Singh and Simrit are two wonderful friends of mine whom I'm blessed to know. Jai Dev has created a great online offering for doing Kundalini Yoga and Simrit's music is simply divine! 

Green Med Info

GreenMedInfo is another wonderful resource that is full of an incredible wealth of information.  Their mission is to provide the latest biomedical scientific research on the benefits of utilizing natural substances and healing modalities as well as research on the inherent dangers associated with the use of chemicals in our food, drugs, water and environment.

The Truth About Mammograms

Mammograms have a high amount of radiation and are known to actually cause cancer. In fact, Switzerland has actually abolished mammograms because of this. So what alternatives do we have? Thermography in comparison emits no radiation and can detect a tumor far before a mammogram does! For more information on the negative impact of mammograms, I encourage you to watch the following interview with Ty Bollinger of ‘The Truth about Cancer’ and Dr. V. 

Another valuable thermography resource page is:

The RGCC (Greece) test

The test is highly refined and measures the circulating tumor cell count in the bloodstream.  It is not offered in the USA so the blood sample is sent to Greece. In the USA oncologists can’t give results like this, as the standard cancer mode of care does not yet measure tumor cell counts. This test is a method of measuring cancer that is not yet in the mainstream reality, although it is currently being offered in other countries.  It is unfortunate as it could offer a way to monitor tumor cells rather than the standard chemotherapy mode of killing the entire immune system to ‘heal’ cancer.  For more info about the RGCC test, you can visit the RGCC home page, read the following article about the RGCC test and this helpful blog post by the wonderful Doctor V (who’s ‘Greece Protocol’ I am following).

There are two RGCC "Greece" tests I have done: the general one and the OncoTrail test.  The general RGCC "Greece" test measures the circulating tumor cell count AND tests the impact certain natural supplements will have on cancer cells. This allows me to know WHAT natural substances are best at killing cancer cells. In the big picture it is worth every dollar spent on this test as it allows to me know that EVERY pill I swallow is making a difference at impacting the cancer cells, as opposed to swallowing pills and not knowing if they are viable for my particular diagnosis. Healing cancer naturally is expensive enough (as insurance does not cover the protocol) without worrying if what I’m taking is effective or not. This test costs about $2,200. If you want to check how certain chemotherapy drugs will effect you the cost is about $3,000 (I did not test the effects of chemotherapy as I KNEW I would not be using it).  The OncoTrail test is the test I take every three months to gauge what my tumor cell count is at and it costs approximately $800.  Unfortunately the standard medical system does not incorporate these tests, although they are commonly used in other countries. If the RGCC "Greece" test was offered in the USA it would cost about $25,000 due to expensive insurance costs!