Tara Coyote has been an inspiration to me in every sense of the word. Her willingness to share her cancer diagnosis and her vulnerability in sharing her natural healing journey has given hope to so many. I love that she is combining her personal experience with her vast knowledge of natural healing strategies to help others! She is truly one of a kind and a bright light in the healing community.
— Dawn Higgins Andrews, http://www.riseupforhealing.com https://www.facebook.com/riseupforhealing/

Tara Coyote has been such an inspiration to me on my cancer journey. Her example buoyed me when I had doubts. Tara is an enthusiastic cheerleader in your corner. Her knowledge about natural protocols is astounding. Tara’s passion for helping people is admirable. Her willingness to share everything she has learned through hours and days of research comes from a generous heart. She wants you not only to live, but to thrive! I’m proud to call Tara my sister warrioress!
— Linda Chestnut O’Conner

Since my diagnosis, cancer has become more typical for me. This journey has drawn others to me and me to them. Until I met Tara Coyote, I didn’t know anyone else doing the RGCC protocol and I was so excited to see how well she is doing. She did this all without chemo, radiation ... and get this, even surgery. She is a wealth of knowledge because honestly who knows more than someone who has walked the walk.
— Shauna Hursh

My deep love of horse therapy and my passion for healing holistically led me to meet this amazing woman, Tara Coyote. She is a cancer warrioress and has successfully turned around stage 3 breast cancer holistically with her hard work and dedication to researching the best testing and treatments available. She is SO inspiring!! Issues with my thyroid hormonally dampened my creative fires and willpower to get it done in regards to the high voltage healing I needed to activate. Connecting with Tara was the spark I needed, in so many ways, in order to face my challenge with confidence and inner knowing.
— Sarah Coleman