The only mistake you can make is not asking for help.
— Sandeep Jauhar


It was very clear early in my diagnosis that in order to achieve full recovery, I must pause my business and life in order to truly focus on healing. I took a 360-degree turn from a full time schedule and a thriving business to completely stop and focus on healing cancer.  I realized my life depended on it and I truly wanted to live!

For the majority of my treatment I have not been able to work full time.  As I am choosing an alternative route of healing, my insurance does not cover the costs. And as you can imagine from the lengthy protocol listed here, it is quite pricey.  The cost of supplements, tests, doctor's visits etc runs about $3.5 K a month!

I have always been the giver and the strong one who took care of others. In fact before my diagnosis I had raised $80,000 for two of my dear friends for their own cancer diagnoses. Part of the gift of my diagnosis has been to learn how to ask, accept and receive help. It has been powerful to realize that I am worthy of receiving and has truly helped me realized how loved and cherished I am!

THANK YOU to all of you who have donated to my fundraiser as you have helped me to learn this valuable lesson!

Via my GoFundMe campaign, fundraisers, silent auctions, and direct donations, my community has helped me raise a great deal of the funds to cover both my living and medical expenses.  My healing journey continues and even though I am healing at a rapid pace, I still have a journey ahead of me.


I invite you to consider donating!

If you are so inspired, I invite you to consider donating so that I may fully heal and continue on my work in the world.  Every little donation is tremendously helpful and appreciated! 

Mahalo for your love and care.